Nirmal Arts Academy
Ayurvedic Massage

Teacher: Brunella Vasoli

Meditation in Movement (Feldenkrais based)

Teacher: Minoo Samii


Teacher: Francesco Damosso

Life Coaching - skills and games

1. What is coaching?
• Life coaching is a wonderful communication process aimed at raising the awareness of a person to a higher level. It has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide.
• Shri Socrates is the “grandfather” of Coaching, with his dialectic method of inquiry, known as the Socratic method, aimed to find the truth, questioning the formed, transferred or achieved concepts.
• In practical terms, coaching takes place through the art of leading a meaningful and deep conversation and the use of special communication techniques.
• During such conversation, a qualified coach does not make suggestions or provide solutions, but only brings the person to the state when they discover their own answers and solutions, and
• It’s a powerful process of optimizing introspection and enhancing the Guru Tattva! And it’s based on a principle of being entirely non-judgmental

2. Benefits:
• Due to increased sensitivity to life subtleties, Sahaja Yogis can benefit from life coaching more than anyone else. And they can become exceptionally good coaches for others. We want to show exactly how it happens.
• Communication techniques used in coaching have proven to be a great enhancer of human relations in general. This is why they can contribute to better quality of interaction and debate within our Sangha. We want to present such techniques to the participants, so that they can use them back in their local collectives.
• Introspection: What are we telling ourselves in between our two daily meditations? What is our inner dialogue? What are our limiting beliefs? How to overcome them? How can we live a happier life?
Teacher: Jorge Lugris & Alina Arshinkova & Benoit de Bellefroid

Scent and Sensibility
(Create your own Fragrance)

Teacher: Yogesh Kumar

Aroma theraphy

Teacher: Cristina Brana