Nirmal Arts Academy
Graphic design

Teacher: Dara Emerson


Teacher: Calin Chiroiu and Emanuele Coniglio

The photography course will cover:
week one:
  • SLR cameras
  • exposure, depth-of-field, white balance, histograms
  • raw vs. jpeg
  • elemental workflow
  • adobe photoshop work
  • composition rules
  • thematic photography, how to photograph drama, music, sport, portrait, macro, nature, HDR photography
  • free discussions about students work
week two insight on:
  • Perception and composition
  • Studio of some famous photographers
Prerequisites: is not NEED to have a SLR camera but everyone has to have a camera


Teacher: Calin Chiroiu

Hindi Language for beginners

Teacher: Kiran Schreuer

Art of live sound

Teacher: Anton Pyvovarov

Aim of the course
In this course you will learn the basics of live sound engineering. An area where art and technology meet. In a live concert situation a connection between a performer and a listener is achieved through the magic of sound. It’s an audio engineer’s job to enable this communication to happen.