Nirmal Arts Academy
Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive arts therapy combines psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. This multi-arts, or intermodal, approach uses our inborn desire to create — be it music, theatre, poetry, dance, or other artistic form — as a therapeutic tool to help initiate change.
At the core of expressive arts therapy is the concept of poiesis, a Greek word that is the root of the word poetry, which refers to the natural process of moving from everyday expectations into the world of imagination and creativity that results in art making. Because art comes from a deep emotional place inside you, creative endeavors enable you to undergo a profound process of self-discovery and understanding. Creativity becomes the pathway to the expression of inner feelings, leading to a process of self-discovery and understanding. In other words, your creative process becomes your road to emotional health.

Teacher: Purna

The Art of Make-up

Teacher: Francesca Panariti

Creative Journal

Creative Journaling uses art and writing as gates to allow people to explore their inner life and nourish their creativity. A method which allow people to cast an anchor within themselves through their creative process ..... A good way to relax and introspect!

Teacher: Anapurna Squifflet

Recycling and upcycling

Teacher: Max

Paper Quilling

Teacher: Selim