“Moving and enthralling.”
Ilaria Cordì, Periodico Italiano Magazine (for Roma Fringe Festival)

“Using a richly varied language that mixes Shakespearian verse with everyday dialogue, these heroines shed their dusty characters to put on the clothing of the woman in the street... And to rewrite, if not the past, then at least the future of a society that is obliged to recognise the central role that women play in life as in art.”

“The Theatre of Eternal Values theatre company puts Shakespeare’s heroines on the stage, mixing the classic verses with modern-day language to rewrite the fatal destiny to which women of every era are condemned. The distinctive feature of this play... is the intermittent insertion of comments into the author’s dramaturgy. Ironic, reflective and insistent, they call attention to the motives that drove him to paint such weak, lonely, mad, cruel and easily subjugated women... In the process, the individuality of each Shakespearian character achieves a homogeneous harmony, the voice of the female gender across every age and space.”
Stefania D’Orazio, ghigliottina.it
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